What does sustainability mean to you?

small 3D printed hand

In this Zone, five different ideas to use 3D printing to help create a sustainable future are competing for your VOTE.

  • A wearable biosphere which could be “worn as a constant reminder of the delicate balance of our planet”
  • A water filter which will cost very little and will give people in poverty clean water to drink”
  • Personalised speakers made using recycled materials to “help prevent the environment from further harm and depletion of natural resources”
  • A guitar capo made using generative design to use “the minimum possible amount of material in the minimum possible amount of time”
  • 3D paintings made using recycled materials to “provide graphic materials to the blind community”

Read about the ideas, ASK your questions to the entrants and the researchers helping them design their idea, and VOTE for the idea you think should win.

The winner will get €500 to spend promoting their sustainability work, and have their idea made into 3D printed reality. Which idea do you think should win?

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