Submit your idea!

The competition is open to anyone resident in the Republic of Ireland who has an idea to help create a more sustainable future. Entries can be from individuals or teams. (Note: People working in or studying 3D printing full time are excluded from entering.) Read More about what to submit…

  • You may want to tell us how 3D printing will improve the manufacturing process. Give an estimate of the dimensions you wish to print, as well as any thoughts you have on how the item should look.
  • Attach a drawing or image of your idea

    • A line drawing is required
    • A detailed design is even better
    • Please indicate dimensions where useful

    Your sketch does not need to be exact, but should give an idea of how you think the final piece will look.

    Hand drawn or drawn on a computer is fine. You may also choose to include reference images. You can upload up to 3 images.

    The final printed part will be:

    • No larger than 150 by 150 by 150 millimetres (15 cm x 15cm x 15cm)
    • Printed using a hard or rubbery polymer (plastic) material
    • The colour may be black, white or transparent

    Shortlisted entries will be paired with an I-FORM researcher, and you will work together to come up with the final form of the piece.

  • If you are working in a group, please give the name of a lead contact person from the group.

  • We may need to get to you for more details. If you are working in a group, please give the email address of a lead contact person.

  • Select an option
  • All intellectual property in the entries will be retained by the person entering the idea. All entrants must be sure that they are not infringing upon someone else’s intellectual property and grant permission for the competition organisers to promote their ideas. Every effort will be made to produce a print as similar to the submitted idea as possible; however, adjustments may need to be made to ensure print feasibility.